“Navigating the technologies of the future” – Interview with Nichol Bradford

Nichol Bradford recently hosted Joy Ventures CEO Avi Yaron at the “Evolution of TransTech Investing” panel at the Transformative Technologies conference in Palo Alto.  We spoke with Nichol about the fascinating trends in the Transformative [...]

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Six benefits of yoga for severe sleep deprivation

It's a well-known fact that sleep disorders such as insomnia are endemic in our stress-filled, caffeine-driven contemporary lifestyles. In a recent study, it was shown that Britons are the world's most 'sleep deprived' people, with 37 [...]

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The Startups Bringing AR Into The Workplace

When Google Glass was publicly announced in 2012, it was taken on one of the most rapid complete hype cycles in tech history. Not long after its announcement, there were those that predicted an urban [...]

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Video Games May Affect The Brain Differently, Depending On What You Play

People who played action video games that involve first-person shooters, such as Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, experienced shrinkage in a brain region called the hippocampus, according to a study published Tuesday in Molecular Psychiatry. [...]

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Inside the Moonshot Effort to Finally Figure Out the Brain

AI is only loosely modeled on the brain. So what if you wanted to do it right? You’d need to do what has been impossible until now: map what actually happens in neurons and nerve [...]

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A ‘Google Maps’ for the Mouse Brain Details Neurons Like Never Before

Ask any neuroscientist to draw you a neuron, and it’ll probably look something like a star with two tails: one stubby with extensive tree-like branches, the other willowy, lengthy and dotted with spindly spikes. While [...]

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