Our own Nichol Bradford, TransTech Executive Director is speaking at the World Happiness Fest in San Miguel de Allende March 16-18

Happiness as a new paradigm for human development When we realize that happiness is the ultimate goal of human development, as pure magic, what we do in life starts making sense. At Happiness Fest our [...]

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Brain-to-brain entrainment: EEG interbrain synchronization while speaking and listening

Abstract Electroencephalographic hyperscanning was used to investigate interbrain synchronization patterns in dyads of participants interacting through speech. Results show that brain oscillations are synchronized between listener and speaker during oral narratives. This interpersonal synchronization is [...]

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FDA Clears Vagus Nerve Stimulator for Migraine Pain

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the hand-held, noninvasive vagus nerve stimulator (nVS) gammaCore (electroCore LLC) for the treatment of migraine pain in adults, the manufacturer announced earlier today. The new 510(k) [...]

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Why Google DeepMind Is Putting AI on the Psychologist’s Couch

Artificial intelligence can now carry out many of the same cognitive tasks humans can, but we still don’t really understand how AIs think. Google DeepMind plans to train long-standing tests of human cognitive skills on [...]

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Open-sourcing Psychlab

Consider the simple task of going shopping for your groceries. If you fail to pick-up an item that is on your list, what does it tell us about the functioning of your brain? It might [...]

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A neuroscientist who studies decision-making reveals the most important choice you can make

According to Moran Cerf, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University who has been studying decision-making for over a decade, the surest way to maximize happiness has nothing to do with experiences, material goods, or personal philosophy. [...]

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