Mentors and Advisors

Through our network, we have assembled a strong group of mentors and advisors interested in supporting entrepreneurs in the Transformative Technology space and who are aligned with our ethos.

These individuals are available to work with entrepreneurs in a range of relationships, from direct compensation to equity. Each company and mentor/advisor will need to screen and interview one another, and then work out a direct arrangement.

We like the Founder Dating guidelines and recommend that entrepreneurs and mentors/advisors consider those in negotiating their agreements.

If you would like to become a TT Lab Mentor or Advisor, please contact us here

Sample Mentor & Advisor Areas:

  • Structured Exploration
  • Legal & IP Protection
  • Product Design
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Device Design
    • Design Research
  • Device Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Distribution/Sales
  • Software/API Development
  • Product Testing & Studies
    • Safety & Regulations
  • Kickstarter Strategy & Management
  • Community Development