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Maker Movement Turns Scientists into Tinkerers

By Prachi Patel Researchers in growing numbers are starting to enlist do-it-yourself 3-D printers, cheap electronics, sensors and more to advance their work To do science, scientists need money—and usually a lot of it because specialized equipment and tools don’t come cheap. That means researchers often have to spend a significant amount of time pursuing [...]

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How to Start Meditating: Meditation Tips from the Experts

What is Meditation? Looking for some Meditation tips? From people who really know what they are talking about? Then you’re in the right place…. Quickly! What are you thinking about right now?… Got it? Well, it is possible that for a really short moment, you had to empty your mind before scanning your thoughts. During [...]

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National Wearables Survey Reveals Accuracy is Top Priority Among Consumers; Lack of Continually Interesting Insights Among Top Reasons for Discontinued Use

Survey conducted by Valencell and MEMS & Sensor Industry Group reveals consumer interest in monitoring advanced health metrics like stress, blood pressure, and sunlight exposure A recent national survey on wearable technology devices (“wearables”) revealed that consumers consider accuracy the most important feature of wearables, and more than half of those who do not own [...]

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The bard Robert Anton Wilson said, “Anybody who tells you that we’re running out of resources or that we’re in a terrible mess–they are idiots. We can’t run out of resources. Resources exist when the human mind sees how to use something. To say we are running out of resources is like saying we are [...]

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BY JESSIE FETTERLING We all know that the benefits of meditation can help reduce anxiety and increase happiness for the individuals who practice it. It can help reduce reactivity and have a positive effect on one’s internal dialogue and even one’s work life. What a lot of people don’t consider when it comes to meditation, [...]

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Nichol Bradford The following was written by Nichol Bradford: Let’s face it, being black in corporate America requires a complex skill set to succeed. SKILL #1: You have to be twice as good, not just because your parents and grandparents told you so, but in order to stay two steps ahead of, at best, competition, [...]

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First flexible, wearable patch capable of monitoring biochemical and electric signals

Eric Mack It's not quite the tricorder from Star Trek, but researchers responsible for a new wearable patch that can monitor the body's biochemical and electrical signals at the same time say their first-of-its-kind device could be a step in that direction. The Chem-Phys patch tracks heart rate and lactate levels in real time, providing [...]

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20-Minute Meditative Hacks That Reduce Anxiety

By Jeffery Martin Regarding the benefits of meditation, we can focus in particular on the impact upon the bad feelings that may occur to us. They include: 30% decrease in stress 40% reduction in depression and anxiety 11% increase in engagement 13% fewer sick days (They follows the data from a study on the benefits listed [...]

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Future Thinkers Podcast

Future Thinkers Podcast We first interviewed Vinay Gupta on Future Thinkers Podcast a year ago. It was stimulating conversation about a wide variety of topics, including Ethereum, basic human needs, and space colonization. But the topic that caught our interest the most, and one we have since gotten a lot of comments on, is that [...]

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3 Foolproof Meditation Techniques That Will Help You Beat Anxiety

Meditation won’t give you a cool gym pic for your Instagram, get you to only drink smoothies for a week, or even make you break a sweat, but its benefits are what make it worthy of our time. A new study in Biological Psychiatry, shows how meditation affects changes in the brain and how mindful [...]

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